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Almond Oil Sweet


Botanical Name: Prunus dulcis

Obtained From: Kernels of Sweet Almond Tree

Extraction Method: Cold process

Country of Origin: Italy

Processing Type: Refined

Colour: Pale yellow to golden yellow liquid

Shelf Life: approx. 2 years with proper storage - out of direct sunlight in a cool environment

Description:  Sweet Almond Oil is an effective emollient that is known to be lubricating and nourishing to skin and is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Proteins and Fatty Acids. The Vitamin E found in Sweet Almond Oil makes it behave as a great anti-oxidant that can be used to help soothe dry and irritated areas of the skin. Sweet Almond Oil has traditionally been used by massage therapists due to the oils light weight nature and great working time (Note: Can Stain Sheets)

*comes in an amber colored glass bottle with dropper

Almond Oil Sweet

Almond Oil Sweet